We are committed to keeping you busy! There are hundreds of rides every day that you can accept to fill your downtimes. Our technology connected with your own agenda puts you in charge of your earnings. 


Choosing which rides to accept is up to you — you have complete control of whether you wish to accept a ride. The amount shown with each ride is the amount that will be transferred to your account. 


Our own developed Limo2me app allows you to be in control of your rides, it gives you a summary of all your rides and earnings, your invoices and even your grades. Our Limo2me app allows the partner, customer and Limo2me to communicate in a private chat environment before and after the ride. 


Based on your grades more rides will be allocated to your account and eventually as a driver you are in control of accepting a ride. Our Limo2me app uses GPS tracking records to find your location and assigns a ride to you which is the closest this increases earnings and saves time. Most Limo2me rides are booked in advance, so accept the ones that best fit your schedule. You are notified as soon as there is a new offer available in your city. Taking a passenger to the airport? Why not see if Limo2me has a passenger for you to pick up from the airport after your scheduled drop off? 


Our team is here to help you make your business a success. All partners receive offers in their city, and each partner will see offers for their drivers in the app or portal. We will send you regular updates on your performance, and you'll be kept in the loop about events and upgrades.